Explore the Perks of Adhesive Vinyl

While you might love iron on vinyl for some things, The Vinyl Haus has so much more, too. We’re here to show you the many ways that adhesive vinyl can be used. Whether you have a Cricut or any other tool that can be used for cutting vinyl, you may be able to expand the number of projects that you do with our exceptional variety.


You already know that heat press vinyl is great for fabric. This allows you to create decals and such for t-shirts, backpacks, pillowcases, and more. What about when you want to work on a project that isn’t fabric? Not all materials are okay with heat application, which means you need to be ready to expand your options.


That’s why we have adhesive vinyl – and it can really show you some possibilities. Whether you want to make decals for your car, your bedroom walls, or even on bulletin boards, we have you covered.


Variety is the spice of life, and we have an amazing selection for you. Whether you are looking for solid colors, glitter, or something else, we have you covered. This allows you to get more creative while having the kind of vinyl that you have always wanted.


You might be getting your ideas from craft fairs, Pinterest, or even Etsy. Wherever you draw your inspiration, you can now find the sheets of vinyl to make it happen. Plus, with the wide range of colors, you can make designs based on your school colors, your favorite sports team, or even your company’s logo.


We use some of the top brands of vinyl, including Orafol. So, in addition to having plenty of options for colors, you can make sure that the adhesive qualities are where they need to be. After all, once you apply the adhesive vinyl to a surface, you don’t want to worry about it peeling.


Ultimately, whatever project you’re working on, you want to make sure that it’s the best that it can be. We’re here to offer you options and quality so that you can impress with whatever you make.


Every day, we work with professional artists, t-shirt designers, teachers, parents, and crafters to offer options. From adhesive vinyl to heat press vinyl, we have you covered. You should be able to work with the material that you want, and that’s why we offer the adhesive vinyl selections that we do.


The best part is that we sell the vinyl by the square, ensuring that you buy only what you need. Rather than being stuck with rolls and rolls of vinyl that you don’t need, you can shop for more options and more colors while saving money.


When you’re ready to explore the perks of our vinyl, shop online or visit us at our location in New Braunfels.


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