The Options Available with Heat Transfer Vinyl

The possibilities that exist with heat transfer vinyl are almost endless. At The Vinyl Haus, we’ll show you the many options that we have to offer, especially as we’re authorized resellers of both Siser and Orafol.


With HTV, you can get creative. The more designs and colors and styles that you can find with the vinyl, the more creative you can get. Forget about limiting yourself to solid colors. We’ll show you that you can access glitter, faux leather, and countless patterns so that you can push yourself to be even more creative.


Heat transfer vinyl near me is now within reach. You can choose to visit our shop if you’re local in New Braunfels. Otherwise, you can choose to shop online and take advantage of our fast shipping.


Every project is different which means that every vinyl that you use should be different. Many people find that they get stuck in a routine, using the same HTV and even the same colors again and again. With the variety of heat transfer vinyl that we offer, you can make sure that you have an incredible variety.


It’s not just about the colors. We have every hue within the spectrum so that you can spread your wings and try new things.


It’s also about the sheer number of options. You can suddenly use HTV that is glittery or that looks like leather. The fun part about this is that, since it’s heat transfer, it’s easy to apply to your project so that you don’t have to shift over to a sewing machine. You can create more without having to spend a bunch of money or spend a lot of time on the project.


When you’re searching for heat transfer vinyl near me, we make it easy. You don’t have to depend on the limited inventory offered at your local craft shop. We specialize in vinyl, so we’re going to have more available. Plus, we sell by the square so you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in a roll of one type of vinyl. Our squares are affordable, allowing you to order a variety of options to try out.


More options mean more projects. You can enhance the offerings for your clients, take on more projects for your own personal use, and truly have something fun and different. There are simply too many options when it comes to HTV, so you should never feel as though you’re limited. If you’re feeling limited by variety, you’re shopping at the wrong store – and that’s why we’re here to show you the alternative.


Let us show you what kinds of options are waiting for you. Start shopping online with us now.


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