Get Creative with Holographic Vinyl and More

Do you feel as though your creativity has been stunted because of a lack of variety? The world of HTV is incredible, but you have to know where to look for the heat transfer vinyl that you truly want.


At Heat Transfer Haus, we have an exceptional inventory of vinyl squares for you to browse. This allows you to get more creative instead of less.


Maybe you want to use holographic vinyl on something that you’re producing for your kids. This can add something stylish that they won’t have seen before.


Maybe you want to add glitter vinyl into a project to add a bit more sparkle. Whether it’s going on clothing, bedding, or something else, it will ensure that people are looking twice at it.


Even faux leather can be an exciting alternative to the traditional HTV that you’ve been buying. It adds a bit more luxury to whatever project you’re working on.


At Heat Transfer Haus, we want to give you more possibilities so that you can be as creative as you want to be. Whether you shop locally in our store or you shop online for things to be shipped out, our variety is waiting for you.


We are an authorized reseller of both Orafol and Siser, ensuring that you have access to some of the top brands in the industry. We have the colors, materials, and patterns that you want so that you’re able to produce amazing things.


Whether you’re cutting out letters, logos, or something else on the vinyl, you want to have various designs. Holographic vinyl can produce amazing results in an array of colors ranging from pear to rainbow.


Faux leather vinyl allows you to think outside of the box, with colors that range from brown to purple and everything in between.


Our Siser Glitter collection is impressive, too. You can find radiant colors such as Glitter Copper and Mermaid Blue to really make an impact on a particular project.


We can’t tell you what vinyl to choose from. What we can offer you is the variety so that you can have your pick of high-quality vinyl so that you can truly shine.


Many people complain that there isn’t enough variety when it comes to vinyl. We’re here to prove them all wrong by allowing you to tap into more choices than you ever thought existed. We constantly hear from people who are surprised that faux leather, glitter, and even holographic designs even exist – and we make them accessible with our low prices and our convenient online shop.


Get ready to push your creativity by getting heat transfer sheets that can make your project flashier than ever.


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