Discover the Best HTV for Your Crafts Today

All sorts of options are available when it comes to vinyl. When you want to up your game in the crafts department, The Vinyl Haus is here for you. We offer incredible variety regardless of whether you’re looking for the best HTV or if you want adhesive vinyl, such as Oracal 651.


We have set ourselves apart from other vinyl places because of offering more. We’re authorized resellers of Siser and Oracal, providing you with variety from the top brands in the vinyl industry.


Do you want adhesive vinyl for cars and windows? Oracal 651 is a great option because it’s durable. You can cut or print it out without fear of it tearing. There are also plenty of colors and designs to ensure that you get what you want.


Do you want the best HTV for t-shirts, pillows, and blankets? Siser and other brands make plenty of patterns while also offering glitter, holographic designs, and more. This way, you can do more with your HTV so that people are in awe of what you produce.


Whether you’re using HTV for fun, for an Etsy shop, or because it’s part of your business, you should be using the best. That’s what we’re here for. We want to make sure that you have access to the best vinyl squares for the projects that you’re working on.


We make it easy for you to buy what you need, too. Buy by the square so that you’re not left with cases of vinyl that you’ll never need again. We’re affordable and offer fast shipping so that you don’t have to wait long to get started on your upcoming project.


Start shopping for the various vinyl options that we have available now. Our wide selection is sure to impress!


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