Siser Easyweed and Other HTV Vinyl is Here

When you’re working on projects that involve HTV vinyl, you want the very best. At The Vinyl Haus, we get that better than anyone. It’s why we have the variety that we do. This way, you can get what you want without having to settle for something that is subpar.


We have become the go-to place for vinyl because of being an authorized reseller of Sister EasyWeed and other HTV options from Siser. You might want to explore Glitter, Holographic, Metal, and other options in order to get more creative with an upcoming project.


We’re here to show you that you don’t have to limit yourself with 651 vinyl. Adhesive vinyl can be just as creative as the kind for heat transfer. It can come in glitter, bright colors, metallics, and more.


Too many people want the nice stuff but don’t know where to buy it. This leads people to use low-quality materials that don’t adhere to surfaces well. Things start to peel. Colors start to fade.


Particularly when you are selling your vinyl creations, you have to concern yourself with quality. Siser EasyWeed is highly sought after because of its high-quality components. Vibrant colors that don’t fade are available. Plus, you can make sure that the vinyl stays put once you apply heat to it.


We offer all sorts of HTV vinyl so that you can have the diversity that you need in what you create. Why add glitter after the fact when you can shop for glitter vinyl? Why have to sew on leather to your project when you can use faux leather vinyl? We’re here to show you that the options that you have been dreaming about are within your reach.


We even carry 651 vinyl, ensuring that you have the adhesive vinyl you need to work with more projects. You can create designs that can go onto walls, vehicles, glass windows, and so much more.


The Vinyl Haus has a reputation for offering the variety that you need – and it’s obvious that we have the selection as soon as you begin browsing our online store.


Now that you’ve discovered where you can buy the best HTV, you can also take advantage of the various events that we hold within our New Braunfels location. Whether you are looking to learn how to use a Cricut cutter or you want to gain inspiration from some of the latest vinyls and patterns that we have to offer, there’s likely an upcoming event that you can sign up for.


The options you have been searching for are here. All you have to do is decide which ones to get first so that you can have more fun with your projects.


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