Siser Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl - Black

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As the name implies, 3D Puff is a unique HTV that “puffs” up from the garment when heat applied, transforming designs into a textured 3D look.

  • "Puffs" up from garment when heat applied
  • Textured 3D look
  • 200 micros thick
  • Applies to 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and Cotton/Poly blends

Note: 3D Puff is designed to withstand only one heat application. Repeated applications will “flatten” the puff effect permanently. It is recommended to apply 3D Puff last when used with other materials.

Temperature: 280°F / 138ºC

Time: 30 Seconds

Pressure: Firm

Peel: Warm

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