Siser EasyPSV Holographic Moonlight Pearl Adhesive 12" x 20"

Sale price$4.50


The popular Holographic Pearl colors are now available in EasyPSV!

Boasting the same pearlescent finishes as the HTV Holographic Pearl line, EasyPSV
Holographic Pearl offers a stunning, reflective look for hard goods. All 6 colors are
available in EasyPSV, including Rainbow Pearl, Mystic Pearl, Moonlight Pearl, Firelit Pearl, Tropical Pearl, and Rainforest Pearl.

Like all other EasyPSV products, Holographic Pearl is cut normally (not mirrored) and can be used with the EasyPSV Application Tape.

EasyPSV Holographic Pearl's light tack makes for easy removability and the translucent appearance enables even more creative possibilities.

Be aware that, unlike other Siser EasyPSV products, the Holographic Pearl colors do *not* contain a paper backing. Instead, they use a clear backing similar to Siser HTV.

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