Siser TTD High Tack Mask 12" x 12"

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This extra tacky-y tape allows for a firm grip on print and cut materials. The increased stickiness prevents wrinkling and warping during the masking process, so you don't have to say "see ya" to unusable transfers anymore! Clear and thin, TTD High Tack allows you to accurately place the material on the garment. The mask's warm peel keeps the application process quick and simple so you can create more products faster. Storing masked designs is easy as well! Simply return the to the mask's multipurpose paper backing it came on and come back to it when you're ready! While TTD High Tack Mask was designed to be used in conjunction with ColorPrint Soft Opaque for the best application results, is it also recommended for Easy Patterns, as well as any larger or detailed design on other Siser Print and Cut materials that could use a little extra grip!

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